Minesweeper 3D

Version 20050904, by Eelis van der Weegen
This software has been released into the Public domain


Minesweeper 3D screenshot (cube) Minesweeper 3D screenshot (borg) Minesweeper 3D screenshot (dodecahedron)

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Download
  3. Building & (un)installing
  4. Feedback
  5. Changelog

1. Introduction

Minesweeper 3D is a three-dimensional, free, open-source remake of the classic Minesweeper game, written for GNU/Linux. Minesweeper 3D uses OpenGL to efficiently render minefield grids.

2. Download

3. Building & (un)installing


The following filesystem locations are relevant to Minesweeper 3D's installation:

install_prefix defaults to /usr, but can be overridden by passing install_prefix=/foo/bar to scons. If both executable_path and resource_path are overridden, install_prefix is not used.

If you build and install separately as described below, make sure you pass the exact same values at both scons invocations.

To build Minesweeper 3D, do:

cd minesweeper3d-20050904

Note: When building is complete, Minesweeper 3D is not runnable from this location. The directory structure here merely facilitates the build process. Minesweeper 3D must be installed before it can be run.

To install Minesweeper 3D, do (as root if necessary):

scons install

To uninstall Minesweeper 3D, do (as root if necessary):

scons -c uninstall

Upgrading an existing installation is currently not supported. Instead, just uninstall and reinstall. Additionally, the configuration file and savegame file formats may not be backwards compatible, so it's recommended to delete ~/.minesweeper3d as well.

4. Feedback

I'd love to hear what people think of Minesweeper 3D.
Please send all your comments, questions, suggestions and bug reports to [minesweeper3d AT contacts DOT eelis DOT net].

5. Changelog

Minesweeper 3D is powered by:

C++ Boost SCons OpenGL Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Python Python Open Source Software XHTML 1.1 GNU

Minesweeper 3D supports:

League for Programming Freedom No software patents Electronic Frontier Foundation Best viewed with any browser Freedom from Microsoft